The careline company

The CareLine solution was designed and developed in 2018 by cardiologists from the private and public sectors, who have been involved in telemedicine for more than 15 years and are considered leaders in this field in France.

CareLine Solutions, in partnership with the University Hospital Research Institute LYRIC of Bordeaux, has as a triple objective: improving the prognosis of patients, optimizing medical time and innovation.

Cardiologue utilisant Careline Solution


The physicians who are members of the CareLine scientific committee are the authors of numerous publications (including recommendations) in the fields of remote monitoring and heart failure. 

Dr Sylvain PLOUX

Cardiologue, MD, PhD

CHU Bordeaux / IHU Bordeaux


Cardiologue, MD, PhD

CHU Clermont-Ferrand


Cardiologue, MD, PhD

CHU Bordeaux / IHU Bordeaux


Cardiologue, MD, PhD

CHU Bordeaux / IHU Bordeaux

Dr Sylvain REUTER

Cardiologue, MD

Clinique St Augustin Bordeaux

Dr Stéphane CARRIGUE

Cardiologue, MD, PhD


The main objective of CareLine is to offer the patient a personalized multi-parametric and daily follow-up of Heart Failure in order to prevent cardiac decompensation and hospitalizations.

Dr Stéphane GARRIGUE, Cardiologist – St Augustin Clinic, Bordeaux

The Careline team

L’équipe technique et opérationnelle de CareLine Solutions, experte et passionnée, se fera un plaisir de vous accompagner dans ce projet innovant.

La direction

Philippe PLAS

Directeur Associé

Dr Arnaud Ximenes

Directeur Associé

Notre équipe

Thierry Poux

Directeur opérationnel

Marine LHOTE

Chef de produit

Rémi Leoni

Chargé de projet

Co-responsable logistique

Caroline Pareja

Co-responsable logistique

Chloé Martet

Ingénieure études et développement

Alexandre GABET

Ingénieur études et développement

Our partners

Strategic partner

Medtronic develops treatments for over 70 diseases among the most complex and difficult to treat. Its collaboration with Careline Solutions focuses on remote monitoring of heart failure patients and responds to its strategy of data collection and development of artificial intelligence solutions which allows for improved care of these patients. Anticipating cardiac decompensations, reducing hospitalizations, improving and extending the life of these patients are the objectives of this collaboration.


Medtronic partenaire stratégique de Careline Solutions


Careline Solutions invests in research in collaboration with the IHU LIRYC in Bordeaux, one of the objectives being to develop algorithms with a high predictive value for cardiac decompensation.

Public partners


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